The Worgen's Howl

The latest from the World of Warcraft and the community around it.

The Worgen’s Howl Episode #129: Addon Battles!

Welcome fellow pack members!

We are here to bring you the latest from the World of Warcraft and the community around it. It has been a very exciting week here, and we are excited to be here to give you another episode! Here are some of the topics you will hear about this week…

  • Is there an “Addon Arms Race” going on? (Credit to Volstatsz for the name)
  • We read your replies to our question about paragon rep!
  • And much more!


First, here is this week’s community board! It has all the latest contests, events, and more! Please feel free to share this any way you like! The links to each contest are in the description below the video.


Next, We will be having our next Group Howl on Mar 31 at 10pm EST/7pm PST. We will be going for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero most likely! We would love to see you there! Be sure to join our discord for more updates!

Finally, thank you all once again for all of your support! This show wouldn’t be here without this great community! Each week we think about how thankful we are to be part of the best group of gaming fans! Keep being amazing and have fun in the new expansion!

,Frostee and Kaz


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