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The Worgen’s Howl Episode #105: Prepare yourselves!

Welcome back!

We are here to bring you the latest from the World of Warcraft™ and the community around it. It has been a very exciting week here, and we are excited to be here to give you another episode! Here are some of the topics you will hear about this week…

  • Non-stop invasions!
  • Some addons will be broken by the legion!
  • We recap this expansion before heading into the unknown!
  • And much more!


First, we want to give a huge thank you to Justice for being our spotlight guest this week! It was such a great pleasure to be able to speak with her about everything from the coming expansion to her art and more! We hope that you follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and support her on Patreon as well! Here is a sample of some of her outstanding artwork!

Second, here is this week’s community board! It has all the latest contests, events, and more! Please feel free to share this any way you like! The links to each contest are in the description below the video.


Remember that to celebrate the launch of the expansion we are asking you to ‘Feel the Fel’ by entering our contest to win this modded headset! It features magnetic, removable demon hunter horns and would be perfect for streaming and more! Good luck! Click the image below to link to the tweet!


As always, our newest segment, ‘Master Looter‘, where you have the chance to be a part of the show and possibly win some great loot! Below is the link to use if you want to be in the pool of possible contestants! We really wanted to find a way to include even more of the community in the show and to get to know you! If you want to be a part of this monthly segment, please sign up!




Finally, thank you all once again for all of your support! This show wouldn’t be here without this great community! Each week we think about how thankful we are to be part of the best group of gaming fans! Keep being amazing and have fun in the new expansion!

,Frostee and Kaz


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  1. Have to admit, I’m one of the people who doesn’t really use much for mods. I pretty much use DBM for the pull counter. Guess since I played MMOs and raided since my Everquest days, I just rather playing without many mods.

    As far as Warlords go, I actually got into it fairly late into the expansion. So that extra long drought allowed me to at least catch up and level a couple druids as well (one alliance and one horde). I could see how it could become monotonous after you get maxed out. Aside from trying to get a last couple items from Heroic HFC Heroic and trying to PUG HFC Mythic (that never worked), the only thing I had left on my main was primarily gold farming through the follower missions.

    I’ll actually be trying to start raid content from the start this expansion, ewven if I may have to try PUGing it again.

    • Ones thing that I’d left out regarding raid mods. I never had a problem with them in general, as I prefer people play however they want. The only thing that annoys me is when raids expect you to have certain nods installed. Even worse being the mods that have some way of reporting who does and doesn’t have them. I pretty much avoided groups that enforced it.

      The whole link X achievement to join was a similar situation that was annoying with trying to find raids. Kind of hard to get said achievement if no one will let you in to begin with. Hopefully that will somehow change Legion.