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Project HOWL

This project is an experiment of sorts to try to encourage kindness and helpfulness in the Warcraft community. This group of players is already filled with caring and kindhearted individuals that are assisting others both in and out of the game. We want to reward those that are doing great things for others as well as encourage others to join in by rewarding those who make a difference.

All you have to do is this: If someone helps you out in a big way whether inside World of Warcraft or out, please come here and click on the link below to submit your story of how they helped you. We will collect stories and every 6 months (or or less) we will randomly draw one of those names submitted to use to win an awesome prize package.

So remember to let us know if someone helped you, and remember to pay it forward!


Clink on THIS LINK to submit a story to us!