The Worgen's Howl

The latest from the World of Warcraft and the community around it.


Group Howls

Starting this year we want to begin hosting nights where we can get together and had some fun in the game! Nothing intimidating, we want to get together and have a relaxing and fun time while we chat and adventure. We want to call these events Group Howls and we plan on doing them each month. We will pick a time and date, announce it, and then we will get together and run an old raid for achievements, mounts, or transmog. Maybe on another night we will play hide and seek for prizes. We have lots of fun planned that you won’t want to miss! Keep an eye on the Twitter feed, or just listen to the show and you will hear about it!



Because we are focused on the community that surrounds World of Warcraft we head into the new year preparing the launch some new events. This year we will be expanding our community by opening a new Discord server and inviting all of you to join. This server will give us all a chance to meet you, as well as provide a place to discuss show topics and make your voice heard. We also have events we want to run, and the server will be a hub for us to do it. The Discord info is below: